CHI 2008 Advance Program: Session Details

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Socio-Cultural Impact (Papers/Notes)
11:30 AM - 1:00 PM

Session Chair:
Antonella De Angeli, University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology - UMIST, UK

Ambient Social TV: Drawing People into a Shared Experience
Gunnar Harboe, Motorola Labs
Crysta J Metcalf, Motorola Labs
Frank Bentley, Motorola Labs
Joe Tullio, Motorola Labs
Noel Massey, Motorola Labs
Guy Romano, Motorola Labs

Re-Placing Faith: Reconsidering the Secular-Religious Use Divide in the United States and Kenya
Susan P. Wyche, Georgia Institute of Technology
Paul M. Aoki, Intel Research
Rebecca E. Grinter, Georgia Institute of Technology

"Human-Currency Interaction": Learning from Virtual Currency Use in China
Yang Wang, University of California, Irvine
Scott D. Mainwaring, Intel Research

Best Paper/Note From meiwaku to tokushita! Lessons for digital money design from Japan
Scott Mainwaring, Intel Research
Wendy March, Intel Research
Bill Maurer, UC Irvine