CHI 2008 Advance Program: Session Details

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Online Social Networks (Papers/Notes)
9:00 AM - 10:30 AM

Session Chair:
Catalina Danis, IBM TJ Watson Research Center, USA

Harvesting with SONAR - The Value of Aggregating Social Network Information
Ido Guy, IBM Haifa Research Lab
Michal Jacovi, IBM Haifa Research Lab
Elad Shahar, IBM Haifa Research Lab
Noga Meshulam, IBM Haifa Research Lab
Vladimir Soroka, IBM Haifa Research Lab
Stephen Farrell, IBM Almaden Research Center

Looking at, Looking up or Keeping up with People? Motives and use of Facebook
Adam N Joinson, University of Bath

Lifting the Veil: Improving Accountability and Social Transparency in Wikipedia with WikiDashboard
Bongwon Suh, Palo Alto Research Center
Ed H Chi, Palo Alto Research Center
Aniket Kittur, Palo Alto Research Center
Bryan A Pendleton, Palo Alto Research Center

Social Tagging Roles: Publishers, Evangelists, Leaders
Jennifer Thom-Santelli, Cornell University
Michael J. Muller, IBM T.J. Watson Research
David R. Millen, IBM T.J. Watson Research