Message from Research Community Chair

In the last 26 years, the CHI conference has served as one of the premier venues for human-computer interaction research. In parallel with growth in the field, which now incorporates a larger and more diverse population than ever before, CHI has evolved its research venues to support our scientific obsessions for poking, prying, understanding, imagining, innovating, and inventing. We continually test the limits of reality, and in sharing our work with one another, have furthered our understanding so that we can design and build technology that fundamentally improves our way of life.

In the spirit of the CHI 2008 theme “,” our research venues are looking to strike a balance between fundamental and applied findings, using quantitative and qualitative methods, in established domains and novel ones, presenting well-validated research as well as less polished late-breaking results. Whatever your particular contribution, there exists a venue for you and we look forward to receiving your submissions and seeing you at CHI 2008.

For a summary of all CHI 2008 submission types and venues, see the Authors page.

Desney S. Tan, Microsoft Research
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