CN24 - Designing Location Based Experiences

Josephine Reid, Hewlett-Packard Laboratories
Duncan Speakman, Independent Artist

Location based experiences are a new form of interactive media with their own unique set of interaction characteristics. The course will help the CHI audience understand how to design for these experiences successfully through the provision of design guidelines for the interaction and practical lessons for the actual design process for location based experiences.

As well as providing design guidance for these experiences, the course will provide the practical skills necessary for attendees to further explore these experiences in their own particular directions. For example, allowing them to create location based experiences for social and psychological analysis, the development of artistic practice or for future application design.

New for CHI 2008. Variants of this course have been given at the Banff New Media Institute, a Digital Story Festival in San Francisco and at the 2AD conference in Bristol.


  • an overview of existing work in location based experiences.
  • provide experience design guidelines specific to location based experiences.
  • give attendees practical experience in creating a basic location based experience.
  • demonstrate techniques and principles for locative aesthetics
  • provide them with a basic skill-set and toolkit for creating location based experiences.

Developers and designers, industrial and academic researchers, students and digital media artists.

Presentation Style:
Interactive lectures, case studies, hands-on practice and demonstrations.

Instructor background:
Josephine Reid is a Senior Researcher at Hewlett Packard laboratories. She has run several major research field trials to evaluate how pervasive computing technologies create compelling experience and specialises in locative media experience design. Duncan Speakman is a sound and performance artist who works with emergent technology in live and mediated spaces. In recent years he has specialised in located audio on mobile devices and currently lectures in Technology and Performance at Dartington College of Arts.