CN07 - Ensuring the Usability of Systems That Adapt to Their Users

Anthony Jameson, DFKI, Germany

You will acquire in-depth understanding of the usability issues that arise in the design of systems that adapt to their users—ranging from personalized e-commerce web sites to adaptive user interfaces—and of ways of dealing with these issues.

First held in this form at CHI 2007, this course is based on part of a longer tutorial on systems that adapt to their users that had previously been given at CHI, IUI, and other conferences.


  • Discuss case studies that concretely illustrate the usability issues raised by adaptation to users and ways in which they have been dealt with successfully.
  • Learn a conceptual framework and general design strategies for avoiding usability problems while keeping the benefits of adaptation.
  • Take away supplementary materials that expand on the presentation in the course and help you to apply its lessons in your own work.

Practitioners and researchers who are or will be involved in the design of systems that adapt to their users and who want a deeper understanding of the associated usability issues than that supplied by general guidelines and conventional wisdom.

Presentation and discussion of general concepts and principles with reference to concrete case studies, including live demonstrations.

Instructor Background:
Anthony Jameson is a project director at FBK/IRST (Italy) and DFKI (Germany). He has been involved in research- and application-oriented projects concerning systems that adapt to their users for more than 15 years, including a current project introducing personalization into a leading European web portal. He is the author of the chapter Adaptive Interfaces and Agents in the Human-Computer Interaction Handbook (Erlbaum, 2003, and CRC Press, 2007).